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Create a Tape from "Scratch" Plan

Check out some of our recent Tape From Scratch Clients:



Got no material  to make a resume tape?

Maybe you've joined the growing number of those surprised to be unexpectedly "between jobs" without a chance to grab some tapes on the way out.

Maybe you're interested in switching careers and need a tape to get you started.

Or maybe you are fresh out of school and want a tape that's more "professional" than the one you made in college.

Whatever the case may be, if you need a resume tape "built from scratch," the TALENTapes "Create a Tape from Scratch Plan" is right for you.

TALENTapes "Tapes From Scratch" are individually tailored to the needs of each client. We work one-on-one with "classes" or "seminars."

The TALENTapes television news veterans - videographer and producer - will work with you
to write, shoot and edit a professional resume tape that includes all the elements you need to present yourself as a professional television journalist.


1) Your Talent Tape:
A completed, professional resume tape with slate, montage (various stand-ups and “as-live” shots), an anchor air-check and two complete reporter packages.

2) Professional Coaching/Career Counseling:
Our experienced staff will work with you to ensure the highest possible level of writing, and on-camera performance and appearance. Well before the day of your shoot we will help you develop the scripts for your packages, and advise you on clothes, hair and make-up. After your Talent Tape is made we advise you on marketing yourself within the television news industry.

3) Quick Turnaround:
In most cases, your Talent Tape will be completed and en route to you within three business days of your shoot!

4) Your Own Website:
Increasingly, the most effective, cost efficient way to market yourself within the TV industry is through your own, professional website. As part of our service, we will build a professional website for you that includes: your picture, Talent Tape, print resume and contact information. We will even host it free the first month! (A $20.00 per month hosting fee applies for succeeding months. No contract. You can cancel at any time.)

All this for only $1,950.00 (Paid in three easy installments.)

For details, call Rich at (706) 364 - 7564


        Call Rich: (706) 364 - 7564
  1209 Wood Valley Rd,  Augusta, GA 30909   706-364-7564

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