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Rich Everitt
(and former News Director)

As president of TALENTapes, Rich has built more successful resume tapes, advancing the careers of more television news people, than anyone else in the world.  In doing so he has set the standard by which News Directors now judge all TV resume tapes.

Only a News Director can judge your work the way a News Director judges it.  Not a photographer, editor, reporter, nor anchor. As a News Director, Rich spent years reviewing Talent Tapes as he hired reporters, anchors, meteorologists and sports personnel.  

"During the years I spent as a News Director, I judged hundreds - maybe thousands - of
Talent Tapes and I was amazed at how the same people who write, shoot or edit  great
news stories, struggle to put together their Talent Tapes.  And during my years as president
of TALENTapes, I've seen thousands more of the same," Rich explains. "It's because
nobody - even a well meaning friend, reporter, anchor or editor - can look at your work the
way a News Director does."

That is where Rich's experience counts. Talent Tapes made by Rich have advanced the careers of hundreds of TV news people  - from small markets to network anchors.
(To see just a few, visit the TALENTapes "Success Stories" webpage.)

If you want the proven expertise and experience that has advanced the careers of so many
others, Rich is the one to call.

Former News Director, Reporter and Anchor Rich Everitt, is a 30 year veteran of the
broadcast news business.  His career has spanned markets as small as Hattiesburg,
MS and as large as Boston and New York City. Rich has won numerous major market
awards as a Reporter, Anchor, Producer and News Director. Rich earned his Masters
Degree in Mass Communication from Emerson College and studied television/film
writing at Harvard.


With TALENTapes you have an entire staff of highly trained, highly motivated people at
your service (even Jamie the, he is just one really cool dude):

Left to right:  Pam "This is TALENTapes" Postell, Receptionist;  Micheal "Panama"
LaMotte computer wiz; Coleman "Shaky" O'Donnell, Videographer/Editor; Alan
"Logarithm" Davis, the other computer wiz; Jamie "Really Cool Dude" McGaw,
Intern; Susan "The Calculator" Landreth, Business Manager; Rich "Don't Call
Me Boss"
Everitt, President; Ginnelle "Jumpcut" Elliott, Producer (Former Producer
KPIX, San Francisco); Christine "Tight-cut" Rucker, Executive Producer (former
Producer WAVY, Norfolk, VA); Mike"The Wizard" Nelson, IT genius. (Not pictured:
Keith "CamShy" Roberson, the other  IT genius and Ina "Photoshop" Strickland, artist.

Rich is also an author. If you would
like to know more about his latest book, Falling Stars: Air Crashes that Filled
Rock & Roll Heaven
, published by
Harbor House Books, CLICK HERE.

        Call Rich: (706) 364 - 7564
  1209 Wood Valley Rd,  Augusta, GA 30909   706-364-7564

copyright 2011 TALENTapes, Inc.