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Assigned in 2017 to cover the start of the Trump Administration from the White House for CNN's morning news programs, Joe Johns is the network's Senior Washington Correspondent.

Johns is an Emmy award winning network news correspondent and anchor. Based in Washington throughout most of his career, he has covered five Presidents of the United States, starting with the second inauguration of Ronald Reagan. As the Capitol Hill Correspondent for TODAY on NBC signing on in 1993, he regularly reported from the White House and the Pentagon, contributing to all the NBC platforms including NBC Nightly News, MSNBC, CNBC and Starting as a CNN Congressional Correspondent in 2004, Johns also became a reliable guest host for a number of the network’s live and recorded programs originating in New York, Washington, and Atlanta including “The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer”, “American Morning”, “CNN Newsroom”, “Late Edition” and “On The Story”. After covering the 2012 presidential primaries, Johns was named CNN’s Justice Correspondent, assigned to report on the Supreme Court of the United States, the U.S. Department of Justice, the FBI and the activities of law enforcement. He has narrated and reported two one hour documentaries for “CNN Presents”; most recently “Who Counts?”, which explored allegations of voter suppression and fraud in the last presidential election, and in 2011, “Death By Mail: The Anthrax Letters,” which detailed the 2001 biological weapon attacks on the United States Postal Service and the U.S. Capitol .


On the anchor desk and in the studio, Johns has been deeply involved in some of the most important stories of recent times including: Co-moderating (with Wolf Blitzer and Suzanne Malveaux) the 2008 South Carolina Democratic Presidential Debate between then Senators Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Edwards; anchoring breaking news coverage from New York of the November 2008 attacks on Mumbai, India; and the December 2009 attempt to blow up a plane headed for Detroit, Michigan. He was on the anchor desk in Washington in 2011 when Casey Anthony a celebrated defendant in one of America’s most closely watched murder trials was acquitted.


His on scene reporting has taken him across the world. In 2010 Joe Johns and his colleagues working for the program “Anderson Cooper 360” on CNN did the work that resulted in two Emmy awards for their coverage of the aftermath of the devastating earthquake and aftershocks that shook the city of Port Au Prince, Haiti. In Egypt he reported on President Clinton’s visit to the Summit of Peacemakers in Sharm el Sheikh. In Israel he reported on the efforts of American televangelist Jim Baker to purchase the historic location of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. In South Africa he reported on the visits of an American Presidential delegation to meet with President Mandela. In Central Europe, he traveled with Hillary Clinton to eleven countries that had transformed since the days of Soviet dominance. In Alaska, he reported from near the summit of an active, unstable volcano, Mt. Augustine, before it erupted in 2006.


On America’s streets Joe Johns has distinguished himself as one of the country’s top broadcast journalists. In 2002 he covered the saga of the so-called ‘Beltway Snipers” from the first series of shootings in Montgomery County, Maryland to the court ordered execution of one of the suspects. NBC News won an Edward R. Murrow award for coverage of the case. His investigative reporting on federal regulators in the BP Oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 helped CNN win a celebrated Peabody award. He has twice won “Salute to Excellence” Awards from the National Association of Black Journalists, for his reporting on environmental justice, and for a feature called “Strange Fruit” about James Cameron, “the last known survivor of a lynching”-- who watched an angry mob in 1930 hang two of his friends. Cameron narrowly escaped the same fate himself.


Johns has also been recognized by his peers as a leader and policymaker on media matters. He was twice elected by his colleagues to serve on the Senate-House Committee of Correspondents. In his second term he was elected Chairman of the Board and President of the Radio-Television Correspondents’ Association.


Joe Johns holds a Juris Doctor (Law) Degree from the American University Washington College of Law. He was the Commencement Class Speaker for the WCL Law School in 2002. He holds a Bachelors Degree in American National Political Science from Marshall University.


Joe Johns is an avid Masters Track and Field Athlete in his spare time. In March 2013, he won the USA Track and Field (USATF) Masters Indoor National Championship in the shot put.


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