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(For more information call Rich at: (706) 364 - 7564 

I just wanted to thank you again for making such a great tape for me...It really rocked. It helped me get my job here in San Diego! Thanks again for your help! You do fantastic work!
Christine Haas, Anchor/Reporter

I got a job in Columbus,Ohio! I am so excited to finally be moving on...and back home. Thanks for helping me get my tape ready-- at a time when I had no idea where to start. Thanks again Rich!
Robyn Haines, Anchor/Reporter

I got a job! Thanks!
Ashley Edlund, Reporter/Anchor

I just accepted a job in Honolulu, Hawaii as the weekend meteorologist/reporter! I wanted to thank you! You are always quick and professional. Any time I hear of a colleague who needs tape/resume services I will send them your way!
Cam Tran, Weather/Reporter

I got a job at News 12 in New York! Thanks so much for your help, it made a huge difference!
Kirsten Rossotti

I have landed a job at WSYR in Syracuse, NY! Thanks so much for all your help, you did an amazing job with my tape.
Caroline Gable, Reporter

Thank you Rich Everitt with TALENTapes Inc for another fabulous demo reel. Always a pleasure working with you!
Claudia Coffey, Anchor/Reporter

I've accepted an evening anchor job! Obviously, your tape helped me land the job. Thanks for all the help!
Trent Butler, Anchor/Reporter

I am now officially hired at....... CNN!!!!! Very exciting news! Thank you again so much for all the work you did for me. It was incredibly rewarding! You guys are great!
Slma Shelbayah, Reporter

I just got a job as a Sports Director and I am thrilled! Thanks for everything!
Nicole Darin, Sports

You guys created my tape from scratch! And it worked! I have been hired as a reporter! The tape your company made for me was so dynamic and professional. Thanks again for all your help!
Yona Gavino, Reporter/Anchor

I got a job! Just signed the contract this week. Thanks for everything!
Jen Horbelt, Anchor/Reporter

I got a new reporter job in my hometown, so I'm doubly excited!! Once again, thanks for all your help with the reel. It was obviously a huge help.
Robert Price, Reporter

I have been offered a weekend anchor job in my hometown! Thanks for all you help I am sure I will use you again.
Shari Dunn, Anchor/Reporter

I got the job! Your tape made a huge, huge difference for me. In 7 months, I had gotten 2 hits and then in just 6 weeks...I got 15!!! I had 15 calls after you made my tape!
Sabrina Hall, Anchor/Reporter

I got the job yesterday! I can't wait to start working there! Thank you for everything!
Bethany Gillis, Reporter/Anchor

I'm hired! I couldn't have done it without you.
Jacqueline Mazur

Thank you for the amazing Talent Tape you made me! I received several calls from News Directors and landed a job as a Morning Anchor. I'll definitely be coming back!
Taina Maya, Reporter/Anchjor

I've accepted a Sports Anchor/Reporter job. I couldn't be happier! Thank you for helping me achieve this goal!
Corey Hepola, Sports Anchor/Reporter

I just accepted a weekend am anchor job!! Thank you so much for doing such a great job with my tape. I'm thrilled about the move!
Bonney Bowman, Anchor/Reporter

I got a job I wanted! I wanted to thank you for all your help!
John Treanor, Reporter

I've accepted a job as main anchor!! I couldn't be more excited! Thanks for all your help!
James Wilcox, Anchor/Reporter

I start my new Reporter/Anchor job today! I appreciate all your help! The tape and website you put together for me were great. I snagged lots of interviews at stations around the country. I will definitely use Talentapes again in the future!
Heather Burke, Reporter/Anchor

I've landed a job! It's been a pleasure working with you. I'm positive I'll be using Talentapes again in the future!
Gavin Johnson, Reporter

I have good news! I got a phone call today with a job offer! So you can add me to your success stories!! :) Thanks for all your help!
Alex Hale, Reporter/Anchor

I am now an Anchor/Reporter! The tape you put together for me was well received. I thank you again for all of your help and friendly service. You are awesome at what you do and a wonderful person to work with. Thanks again!
Aisha Tyler, Reporter/Anchor

I got a job! Thanks!!
Kaitlyn Rowney, Reporter/Anchor

I accepted an Anchor/Reporter position! Thanks again so much for your help putting together my amazing demo reel. I will definitely be calling you again!
Kristen Sell, Anchor/Reporter

I have just been offered a great job! Thanks for all your help!!
Laurie Bernstein, Reporter/Anchor

I have wonderful news! I'm now a reporter!!! I can't believe I've manage to land a job this soon after graduation and in such a higher market than I expected. Thank you for all of your help. I appreciate your interest in me and my career.
Meagan Corson, Reporter

I got a job! Thanks for all your help!
Tamra Johnson, Reporter/Anchor

Great news... I got a job in less than two weeks! I jumped 50 markets! This talent tape worked as well the tape you made in my last job. You're two for two where I'm concerned!
Mike Rockwood, Reporter/Anchor

I have accepted a new job! Thanks for your help and your patience!
Tayleigh Davis

You got me this job here! You da man!
Nick Kosir

I recently accepted a new job! I really appreciate your help and look forward to working with you again when I'm ready for my next move.
Doug Clark, Reporter/Anchor

I found a job!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for your great service. My job search really picked up when I used your service. The interviews came rolling in!
Marianne Manko, Anchor/Reporter

"Talentapes was the best! I received a number of calls from News Directors in competitive markets. I was able to make a jump from a small to medium market, and do the type of reporting I want to do."
Kellie O'Hara, Reporter

TALENTapes is a world class service. This company is worthy of highest praise.
Nancy Perla

The money I paid for my tape was well worth it! Rich does a great job picking the stories that news director's like to see! It was a very easy and quick process! The tape Rich made for me helped me break into a top 50 market and I'm still getting calls about the tape! Thanks Rich, you are a life saver!
Julia Harding

        Call Rich: (706) 364 - 7564
  1209 Wood Valley Rd,  Augusta, GA 30909   706-364-7564

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