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May 2017
Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, Major
Georgia Southern University- Statesboro, Georgia

Work History
News Intern- Savannah, Georgia
Assisted reporters with filming, editing, script writing, and interviewing.
Shadowed producers  and wrote VOSOT's for them. As well as wrote and published news stories to WTOC's website and all social media sites.
06/2016 – 07/2016
Congressional Intern,
Congressman Rick Allen- Washington, DC
Responded to emails and phone calls,attended policy briefings, worked with legislative staff, and conducted tours of  Capitol Building.
The George-Anne
Multimedia Reporter- Statesboro, Georgia
Reported on stories around Georgia Southern’s campus for the George-Anne’s website.
Created content and pitched stories that would interest and inform the student body.
Eagle News and Entertainment
Reporter- Statesboro, Georgia
Reported for web on the local Statesboro and Bulloch county elections.
Gathered information  and pitched stories to inform citizens on the local elections.
Created web content on candidates and events and produced stories, videos, and audio  interviews.
10/2016 – present
The Odyssey
Online Journalist – – Statesboro, Georgia
Wrote and published weekly articles for The Odyssey weekly online publication and selected twice for most shared content.
05/2016 – present
The Odyssey
Community Recruiter   –Statesboro, Georgia
Recruited and hired writers for the Statesboro, Georgia and Augusta
Georgia online communities and worked with them to develop weekly articles for Odyssey publication.
The Odyssey-
Editor and Chief- Statesboro, Georgia
Served as the editor and chief for the Augusta and Statesboro communities for Odyssey.
Edited writers weekly articles and made sure articles were submitted on time each week.
Mass Media Documentary Team,
Valdosta State University-Ireland
Researched content for a travel documentary, served as reporter, assisted with filming and production on a short film of travel highlights in Ireland.
The Augusta National
International Television Transportation- - Augusta, Georgia
Transported international television crews and international press around The Augusta National Golf Course, Provided information about the Masters Tournament and assisted with cameras.
The Augusta National
Transportation Assistant - Augusta, Georgia
Transported professional golfers, their families and members of the
The National around the The Augusta National Golf Course and provided information and resources for the week of the Tournament.
Job Shadow-- Augusta, Georgia
Observed news anchors in the studio, learned about job requirements, helped edit content and news packages.
Extracurricular Activities
• Georgia Southern All-girl Cheerleading Squad 2013 & 2014 (2013 & 2014 NCA National Champions)
• Zeta Tau Alpha 2013- present ( Parent's Weekend Chairman 2016)
• Miss Georgia Southern Pageant Evening Gown Winner 2014
• Georgia Southern Homecoming Duchess October 2015
• Georgia Southern Writer's Guild September 2015-present
• Georgia southern Equestrian Team September 2015-present
• Georgia Southern Dean's list recipient 2015
 Computer Skills
• Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, iNews, HTML/CSS Coding, Audio, Video/Photography, all social media platforms


 Augusta, GA


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